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  • Cough - Viral (Age 6-21)

    Viral infection of the lower airway (the bronchi) that go to the lungs. This is the most common cause of a cough in children. Medical names are viral bronchitis, lower respiratory infection, LRI

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  • Coughs and Colds: Medicines or Home Remedies?

    Every parent wants to help their child get over cough and cold symptoms. You could buy a non-prescription cough and cold medicine. Or you could turn to some home remedies. Which is better?

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  • Cow's Milk Allergy - Infants

    Information and guidance on cow's milk allergy in infants.

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  • Cracked Skin (Feet)

    Cracked skin on the toes or feet

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  • Cracked Skin (Hands)

    Cracked skin on the fingers or hand

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  • Cradle Cap

    A scaly rash on the scalp that starts in newborns.

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  • Croup

    Croup is an infection of the voicebox (larynx) caused by a virus.

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  • Croup

    Croup is an infection that makes the inside of your child's throat swell up. This makes it hard for your child to breathe. It can be scary for both parents and children.

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  • Croup and Your Young Child

    Croup is a common illness in young children. It can be scary for parents as well as children. Read on for more information from the American Academy of Pediatrics about croup, including types, causes, symptoms, and treatments.

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  • Croup: When Your Child Needs Hospital Care

    Croup is a common illness that affects the airways, making it hard for a child to breathe. It's most common in toddlers but can affect children between 6 months and 12 years of age. Another symptom is a loud barking cough that is worse at night. Trouble breathing and the barking cough can be scary for

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  • Croup—Child Care and Schools

    A respiratory illness primarily affecting infants and children 6 months to 3 years of age caused by multiple different viruses and characterized by a hoarse voice and barky cough.

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  • Crying and Your Baby: How to Calm a Fussy or Colicky Baby

    Babies cry for different reasons. Crying is one way babies try to tell us what they need. They may be hungry, have a soiled diaper, or just want a little attention. (See checklist at the bottom.) If a crying baby cannot be comforted, the cause may be colic. Read on about colic and ways to calm a crying

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  • Cryptosporidiosis—Child Care and Schools

    An intestinal infection caused by a parasite (Cryptosporidium hominis or C parvum)

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  • Cuts and Scrapes

    Cut or scrape injuries to the skin anywhere on the body

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