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  • Sinusitis and Your Child

    Sinusitis is an inflammation of the lining of the nose and sinuses. It is a very common infection in children.

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  • Skateboarding and In-line Skating (Care of the Young Athlete)

    Although skateboarding and in-line skating were once considered extreme sports, they are now both very common activities for children. Skateboarding and in-line skating involve street skating (using public areas such as sidewalks, steps, handrails,

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  • Skiing and Snowboarding (Care of the Young Athlete)

    As winter sports are gaining in popularity, young children are hitting the slopes to learn skiing and snowboarding. However, not every young child may be prepared for the experience. Your child's age, strength, and ability to cooperate are a

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  • Skin Conditions and Sports Participation (Care of the Young Athlete)

    Most skin conditions do not affect sports participation. As a general rule, young people with skin conditions should be allowed to participate in sports as long as there is no risk of blood or body fluid coming into contact with other athletes.

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  • Sleep - Confusional Arousals

    Confusional arousal is a partial wake-up in which children sit up in bed and talk, but usually don’t make much sense. They act confused and can’t be fully awakened. Peak age is 1 to 6 years.

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  • Sleep - Day Night Reversal in Newborns

    Information and guidance on when your baby wakes up more frequently during the night than during the day.

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  • Sleep - Early Morning Riser

    Children who wake up early before their parents do, usually between 5 and 6 AM. They come out of their bedroom and want everyone to get up. Early morning risers are not waking early on purpose. They are no longer tired. They’ve been put to bed too early the night before.

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  • Sleep - Nightmares

    Nightmares are scary dreams that wake a child from sleep. Occasional bad dreams are normal at all ages.

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  • Sleep Apnea and Your Child

    Does your child snore a lot? Does he sleep restlessly? Does he have difficulty breathing, or does he gasp or choke, while he sleeps? If your child has these symptoms, he may have a condition known as sleep apnea.

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  • Sleep Problem from Feeding Until Asleep

    A baby over 6 months old who can’t sleep through the night (at least 7 straight hours). Wakes up and cries one or more times a night to be fed.

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  • Sleep Problem from Holding Until Asleep

    A baby over 6 months old who can’t sleep through the night (at least 7 straight hours). Wakes up and cries one or more times a night to be held.

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  • Sleep Problems - Prevention

    Good sleep habits don’t just happen. You need to have a plan. It’s far easier to prevent sleep problems than it is to treat them later.

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  • Sleep Problems in Children

    Sleep problems are very common during the first few years of life. Problems may include waking up during the night, not wanting to go to sleep, nightmares, sleepwalking, and bedwetting. If frantic upset persists with no apparent cause, call your child's doctor.

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  • Sleep Problems: Your Child’s Sleep Diary

    Children differ in how much sleep they need, how long it takes them to fall asleep, and how easily they wake up. If you are concerned about your child’s sleep habits, talk with your child’s doctor. Your child’s doctor may ask you to keep a sleep diary to help track your child’s sleep habits.

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